Elite cookware division- Non stick cookware division

We started selling value added cookware in 1974 with our first production unit in Ahmadabad for manufacture of Pressure Cookers. With the advent of modern cooking we introduced non-stick range of cookware around 1985 setting up a full non-stick coating line in Mankhurd, Mumbai, by using 2 coat (wet on wet) non-stick coating of Weilberger, Germany known as ‘Greblon’. Further, we also developed hard anodized cookware range known as ‘Silkon’ range. Having tasted success in non-stick cookware range we further introduced premium non-stick cookware known as ‘Black Beauty’ range. We introduced professional marketing of the various ranges in cookware in 1990 by appointing a network of 40 distributors covering North, South and West of India and catering to more than 1500 dealers. We used various media including hoardings, wall paintings, newspaper, radio and television media to popularize our brand so as to reach the maximum population. After achieving success in the above ranges, we imported brazing machine from ‘Dae-Sung’ South Korea to manufacture stainless steel sandwich bottom/ induction based cookware in 1994.

We carried on the expansion of variety of cookware range throughout the 1990s and upto 2005. In 2005, we went for a major restructuring of business and shifted all our manufacturing activities to Ahmadabad until present date. Now, we have set up separate divisions for manufacture of Pressure cookers, Non stick cookware, hard anodized cookware, stainless steel induction based cookware and stainless steel regular cookware.

Our Product Range


- Heavy Aluminium alloy makes it tougher &sturdy.
- Coated with 2 coat wet on wet non stick.
- Aluminium grit blasted for better adhesion.
- Attractive high temperature resistant outer coating.
- Low oil consumption & it saves fuel.
- Easy to clean and maintain.
- Spiral grooving for even heat distribution.


Additional Features :
- Metal spoon friendly 3 coat system of non stick coating with Aluminium grit blast.
- Attractive grey glossy outer coating.
- Spiral grooving for even heat distribution.

ELITE Tri-Base

“ELITE”, tri-base is ingeniously devised with a 3 layered base, wherein a thick aluminium layer is encapsulated by upper and lower layer of stainless steel to ensure cooking without burning.
Features :
- Top quality highly hygienic supremely durable Stainless Steel.
- It saves fuel.
- Curved Edge to eliminate hot spots.
- Dome shaped lid circulates steam for better flavor retention.
- Supremely elegant knob and handles having long and easy grip for safety and comfortable handling with flame guard for protection of handle.
- Stunning design with beautiful gleaming, mirror-finish


Additional Features :
- Made from heavy gauge Aluminium alloy.
- Hard anodised more than 50 microns.
- Even distribution of heat.
- No peeling off of coating even at high temperatures.
- Very easy to clean.
- The shiny surface maintains the good looks for the years.
- Good retention of heat and quick heating results in fuel saving.
- It is non toxic, non staining and non reactive with foods.


- Made from 18/8 Salem Stainless Steel.
- Encapsulated sandwich bottom for greater heat distribution and retention.
- Easy grip heat resistant backlite handles with Stainless Steel flame guard.
- Gasket Release System for extra safety.
- Outer lid sizes 3 to 7.5.
- Pan alone & pressure cooker.
-Made from Aluminium Alloy
-Min. 50 micron hard anodic film
-Easy to clean
-Elegant looks for years
-Outer lid sizes 3 & 5.
-Made from virgin Aluminium.
-Thick base to avoid deformity and greater heat retention.
-Easy handling with heat resistant backlite handles.
-Gasket Release System for extra Safety.
-Outer lid sixes 2 to 16 & Inner lid 2 to 8.
-Pan alone & Pressurette.